Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are spending a couple of weeks at TT Wilderness Lakes. Of course, we spend almost every morning over at the Pickleball courts. There are now four courts here, but unfortunately, two of them have shadows from the trees and most of us prefer to wait our turn on the sunny courts to playing on the shaded courts!!!

It is so hard to get and edit action pictures that I decided to take group pictures. I discovered that is even harder because courts rotate and players get all mixed up, etc. etc. etc!!! Anyway, I think I got pictures of most of the players here this week. (Hope the names are correct!!)

Tom, Bill, Clint and Dave. Caught them coming off of one court!

Joe, Ken, John, Bob. Stopped them coming off the second court!

The girls are much more cooperative in posing! Barb, Faye, Judy, Anne and Sis! We certainly look good!! I love the aqua intermingled with the white. What a coincidence!!

These guys arrived the next day! Jim J., Roger and Richard.

Ranger Al, here at Wilderness Lakes, is reluctant to have his picture taken, but the next day I caught him and new arrival Paul on the courts!! There is no escape, Al!!

Dick (in red) just arrived, and I was finally able to get a picture of Jim P. at the courts.

Sidebar: This is the first time we have seen Jim P's real nose at the Pickleball courts!!! Usually, he covers his nose with Zinc Oxide to protect pre-cancer cells from the sun. He told me today that his/OUR dermatologist Dr. Radentz told him about a magic cream they sell that heals the pre-cancer cells. Cost is $200 + but it works!!! The cream has cleared up places on Jim's head, his nose, and even more!! That's amazing!!!

Pickleball has been lots of fun at TT Wilderness Lakes!! See you on the courts!!

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