Tuesday, March 27, 2012


March 26 - Every Monday evening there is a Jam Session in the lodge at TT Palm Springs. Ken and I never attended before but tonight was the last one. I decided to go. When I arrived, there were a number of Pickleball players in the back of the room.

Bob on the far right is husband to Ann, one of the singers. The two beside him are Pickleball players but I don't know them yet. Ede and Wes are on the front row and I am beside Wes!!

Hayden and Gloria were standing in the back. They had come over to hear Ann sing.

Monique and Bernard.

This is the reason I came tonight. Friend and Pickleball player Gary leads the Jam Sessions. He has been doing it all season and I never knew it! Good job, Gary. You should sing more, after all, you are in charge!!

And here is Ann!

Another soloist.

An entertaining group.

Now this gentleman was really, really good. His first song he played a bit of classical guitar. His second rendition included yodeling! I've always loved yodeling!

An enjoyable evening. Thanks Gary.

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Show Us The World said...

So fun catching up with all you have been doing. Looks like you are having loads of fun!