Sunday, March 25, 2012


We have the neatest plant -- a Purple Shamrock. You'll see many green shamrocks (especially at St. Patrick's Day), but a Purple Shamrock is most unusual. We have had this plant ever since we have been married, more than 30 years ago. When we left home 12 years ago to go "full-timing", we gave the plant to our friends Lois and Gene. In their care, the plant grew to be enormerous!! Some years ago when we were going from Richmond to Florida, Ken asked Lois if she would please make three starter plants for his daughters in Florida. Before we could give Stacey her plant, I accidentally stepped on it and broke a piece off. Ken decided to take one tiny bulb and try to start a plant for us.

Here is the Purple Shamrock last October.

And in December 2011.

And here is the Purple Shamrock today!!! Like Ken said, "you can't kill it!!"

A really amazing plant!!

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