Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Oct. 12 - Oct. 26 - Pickleball players are making their way back to TT Palm Springs for the season!!  Most we have already met, and some are new faces.  One thing we have discovered (and our Pickleball friends seem to agree), Pickleball players are the nicest people!!!

Here is some of the action.  I hope I got most of the name correct.

Jessie and Roy.

Bill and Casey. 

Jim and Terri - learned to play Pickleball at our home park, TT Chesapeake Bay.

Jerry and new player, Jill.

Tiffany and Wade have a new Pickleball dance!

Ken, Barbara, Linda and Rick after a match.

Wade and Tiffany again.

Mike and Ken.

Terri, Barbara, Paul and Jim after their match.

John and Linda.

Barbara and Walt.

Zack and Roy.

Casey and Ken.

Faye stretches for a ball.  Walt watches.

Faye is thrilled.  I must have made the shot!!

One morning, we did not stay for Pickleball.  One court was out of commission because of this gauzier!

And these are the guilty guys that caused the problem!!  The story goes that Linda had served the ball.  Bill stepped back to return it but lost his balance and backed into the fence.  The fence collapsed behind him and hit the water main!!  The result was Old Faithful!!!  Bill said Thousand Trails wanted to charge him $50 for repairs!!  HA HA!!

When play resumed - Walt, Gary, Jerry, and Guilty Linda!

Pat and Jessie.

Jerry and Gary.

Paul and Barbara.

John and Rick.

Foursome:  John and Ken take on Walt and Rick.

Mike and Dick.

Rick, John, Jerry and Ken.

John and Jill.

Pam and Rick.

Larry and Susan.

Faye gets to know Wade between matches.

Wade and Pam.

We had a great time getting together with the Pickleball players at TT Palm Springs! 

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