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On Friday, October 12, we moved from TT Wilderness Lakes back to TT Palm Springs.  The next morning at Pickleball, we were surprised to learn that Barbara and Joe were already there.   We were lucky that they had arrived a few days too early to get the site they wanted.  By the time we arrived, that site had opened up and we parked there.  We laughed about us taking their site for the next two weeks!!

 A Glass Of Wine 

Barbara and Joe invited us over for a glass of wine and we invited a few other Pickleball couples.  Barbara teases me about that!  "We invited Faye and Ken over for a glass of wine and Faye invites four other couples!!"

Plenty of wine.

But Barbara offered something better!!  Pitchers of her "Bloomer Droppers"!!  Can't remember what is in them except Peach Schnapps!!  UUMMMMM Good!!

We had a great time!

 Linda and Rick were able to come by.  Rick heads up the Pickleball at TT Palm Springs.  Linda works as a Ranger so it is rare that she is available to join us at our Happy Hours.

Long time Pickleball friends, Jessie and Paul.  We have known them since we've been playing!

We just met these couples on the Pickleball courts since we arrived.  Jim and Terri.  They said Mike Roberts at TT Chesapeake Bay had taught them to play Pickleball!  Do you remember them, Mike??  By the way, Mike, Barbara and Joe said you also taught them to play at Chesapeake Bay. Small world!!

Wade and Tiffany.  They said they had met some other friends of ours at TT Seaside, OR!

A great time was had by all.  And, I think we all made it home without dropping our bloomers!!  Thanks so much Barbara and Joe for having us over for a Glass of Wine!!

More Friends Arrive

Shortly after we arrived at Palm Springs, Bill and Pat called to say they were changing their plans. They were going to stay for a few weeks in Colorado but Bill said they looked at each other and wondered why they would stay in Colorado when their friends were at TT Palm Springs! They were coming in on Wednesday.   I was soooo excited!!

I then called Walt and Pam and convinced them to come to Palm Springs rather than going to Wilderness Lakes. They decided to come in to Palm Springs on Wednesday, too!  What a great group to hang around with. 

Fajitas and Margaritas 

The first thing Ken and I did was invite the group over for Fajitas and Margaritas. We all had fun just sitting around and talking about our separate summers.   And reminiscing about the good times we had together last season at TT Palm Springs.  I had my camera with me but forgot to take pictures.  There will be other chances, I'm sure!

Pickleball Happy Hour

I posted a sign at the Pickleball courts saying that we were having a Pickleball Happy Hour at our site on Friday.  As it turned out, our site had almost no afternoon shade.  So, at the last minute we changed the location to Barbara and Joe's site (again)!  Barbara has teased me mercilessly about that!!  "Faye invited everybody to their site, and then she moves it over to our site!!!"

Barbara and Joe.  They are great hosts!!

Ken and I had a great time!

Pat and Bill getting mushy!!  "Get a room!!"

Walt and Pam enjoying their drinks!

I had wanted to have a separate Oktoberfest but decided to just bring some German eats to this Happy Hour.  This is a Beer Brats and Sauerkraut recipe from Capital Ale House in Richmond, VA,

And, of course, the all-American German Chocolate Cake!!

Everyone brought something delicious to share.  From left to right:  Bill's Pat, Pam, John's Pat, John and Linda help themselves to some goodies!

Part of the group:  Ken, Paul's head, Pat, Faye, Bill, Walt, Pam and Joe.

Bill captures the attention of Pat and Pat!!

The guys talk about "Guy Things".  John, Walt, and Matt.

We met Jerry's wife, Linda today.  Connie is Matt's cute wife.

Ken and Paul talk "Old Guy Things"!!

It was a great First Pickleball Happy Hour of the season!!  Thanks Barbara and Joe for letting us move in on you!!

The Girls, They Go A-Shopping!!

One morning, Pat decided to take the Girls "Thrifting" at the many Thrift Shops in the area!  Pam said she has never in her whole life shopped at a Thrist Shop!!  I met them at the first shop, just across I-10 from the TT Palm Springs camp ground.

Pam bought a fancy tee shirt.  Barbara didn't get anything at this stop.  Pat found something, but I didn't see if.  I bought a tee shirt with a sparkling red, white and blue heart, and a pair of slacks.  It just happened that women's wear was 50% off on the day we went!!  Tee shirts were $4.00 minus $2.00 or $2.00 apiece!!  My slacks were $4.50 minus $2.25 or $2.25!!!!!

The Big Spenders!!

I left the group because Ken and I were going to see "The Dark Night Rises" at the $1.00 Movie!!  The Batman movie was pretty good.  Much better than Superman!!!

When we returned from the movie at about 3:30 PM and the Girls had not yet returned from Thrift shopping!!!

Farewell to Faye and Ken

Thur. Oct. 25.  It's time for us to leave all of this fun and head over to TT Wilderness Lakes tomorrow morning for two weeks.  Then we will be back!!

Barbara and Joe invited the group over to their site for Farewell Wine!!  We have had a great time together and this was a nice way to say Good Bye!!

Farewell to our hosts Barbara and Joe.

Farewell to our Michigan friends, Bill and Pat.

Farewell to our Jambalya friends, Pam and Walt.

Farewell to our East Coast friends, Connie and Matt.

Our next adventure begins tomorrow!!  Won't be as much fun as this one!!

Thanks everyone for making this such a great stay!!

There were other adventures and lots of Pickleball with this group!!  Check out the articles about The Mary Pickford Theater and Pickleball following!!

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