Thursday, November 8, 2012


 Nov 1 - We have a lot of Pickleball players over at TT Wilderness Lakes.  Some days we have three courts playing with a couple of players waiting to play -- 14-15 players!!  Great to see so much activity!!

Ken and I decided to have a Happy Hour on Thursday.  We were going to have it at our site, but then remembered we don't have an awning for shade, but we did have about a million FLIES!!  Decided Thursday morning to move the Happy Hour to the back room at the Adult Lodge.  Glad we did because it turned out great!!

Pam and Walt!  Followed us from TT Palm Springs!!  HA HA

 Jack and Sue, members of the 6 Pack, or 8 Pack or 10 Pack from the Phoenix area who travel together each summer!!

Jean and Don, members of the 6 Pack from the beginning about 7-8 years ago.

Last summer Trudy and Alan joined up with the 6 Pack, and traveled with them part-time!!  And here they are with them again.  I teased them and said that the 6  Pack just can't get rid of them now!!

Sue and Larry.  Sue finally got Larry over to play Pickleball a few times.

And, last but not least, Faye and Ken with Jessie!

 I wanted to do something on this occasion to remember the real Halloween (yesterday), because we,  at the campground celebrated Halloween with trick or treats last weekend.  So, I prepared a Pumpkin Dessert -- Pumpkin Pie Mix topped with yellow cake mix and chopped nuts.  Everybody loved it, even though I forgot all about drizzling the melted butter on top!!

Trudy with the Pumpkin Dessert topped with whipped cream and a couple of corn kernels.

We all had a great time!!  Thanks everybody for coming!!

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