Thursday, November 8, 2012


Nov. 2 - Tonight was the last regular season football game for Hilltop High School where Ken's grandson, Russell, plays Defensive Tackle for the team!  In fact, except for the play-offs, it was Russell's last high school football game!

Tonight was Senior Night and all the Seniors on the football team, cheerleaders, band, etc. were honored.  We wanted to be certain to be there.

Before the game, the Senior football players gathered at one end of the field.   There were a lot of them!!  (The other Seniors were honored during half-time.)

As names were called, the Senior walked down the field to meet his family representatives who waited at the 50 yard line.  Russell was the last name called because of his jersey number 99.

As each player walked across the field, the moderator read comments that the player had written for his family.  As Russell met his proud God Parents, his words of thanks for their support through the years could be heard over the loud speakers.  I was teary-eyed.

This picture shows the offense on the field.  The defensive team is on the sideline.  Russell can be seen with his back to us.  Number 99 is just in front of the orange water jug.  Hand on his hip, as always!!  It's usually both hands on his hips.  That's how we recognize him among the other players on the sideline.

The Hilltop Lancers won the game handily.  Russell's position is just a little left of center, and he is in on every defensive play.  Have to tell you!  The grandparents dream come true!  It was one of the last plays of the game.  The Lancers held their opponents down near their own goal line.  Fourth down, the kicker punted!  Russell reached up, blocked the punt, and fell on the ball in the end zone!!!  Touchdown!!!

Proud grandparents with the VIP of the game - at least as far as we are concerned!

Congratulations, Russell!!!

(I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  There must be a setting for night time photography but I did not have time to find it!)


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