Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have always worried, if the need arose would I be able to to perform CPR.  With the combination of breaths and chest compressions, I was almost certain I would be of no help.  However, I recently read about the new method of Hands-Only CPR in which you only give the chest compressions -- 100 rapid hard compressions per minute.  No breaths necessary.

The article recommended this video that could help you (and me) save a life.  After watching it, it is far more likely we will take action if we witness someone in cardiac arrest; and we'll be more effective, too.

Watch the video "Learn The Rules Of Hands-Only CPR" found in the lower left corner.  www.handsonlycpr.org

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BJ said...

Great thing to learn Faye as much as you are on the Pickle Ball Courts. We always pray it never happens but You may be certain to save a life one day knowing this.