Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 Jan 10-11 - Recently we noticed a problem with the big rubber gasket that goes around our kitchen slide-out.  The gasket is old and had broken at the front corner.  In addition, the slide-out needed an alignment adjustment.  We set up an appointment with Temecula Valley RV Service to have the repair work done.

 Of course, once you open a can of worms, more worms keep crawling out!!
Such was the case with out slide-out!!

When the technicians pulled the slide-out away from the body of the coach, they discovered the entire gasket had dry-rotted and would have to be replaced.  And, in addition to the alignment adjustment, the slide rollers would have to be replaced.



The repair work would take almost two days of labor!!  We could not stay in the motorhome while the repairs were being made.  We would  have to stay overnight in a motel in the area!!  (See our Side Trip to Lake Elsinore.)

Late Friday afternoon when we returned from our side trip, the repairs had been made and our slide out is again in good working order!  Thank you Temecula Valley RV Service!

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