Monday, July 1, 2013


Back in April, Ken had defibrillator surgery.  He had done well following the surgery, but it has not made him a new man as we had hoped!!  He became concerned about being out west with our motor home, 2500 miles from home, Richmond, VA!  I guess you could say, we became practical!!

We are currently at TT Verde Valley, Cottonwood, AZ.  We have a number of doctor follow-up appointments.  We have decided that when we are finished with the doctors here, we will head back East, about the end of July.  We plan to take a leisurely trip East on I-40.  Guess we'll get back home sometime in August!!

Just wanted you all to know!!


Mark and Chris said...

Will we be seeing you guys in Florida this winter?

Show Us The World said...

So glad you will be back on the east coast again. We have missed you! Hoping that means we will see you in Florida this winter.