Monday, July 1, 2013


Mon, Jul 01 - Is it July already??!!  It must be.  It's hot enough.  In fact, here at TT Verde Valley, Cottonwood, AZ, it is so hot, we are just hibernating inside!!  That's where we were, watching tennis at Wimbledon, when we received a phone call from Harold and Marion.  They were on a mission to deliver a pick-up truck to someone in Alaska!!  They would be stopping at McDonalds in Camp Verde (10 miles away) in 20 minutes.  Could we meet them for an ice cream cone??  Of course, we said "Yes"!!

Here we are, enjoying our soft-serve cones!  Their's were naked.  Our's  dipped.  UUMMMM!

When we ordered, we had teased the waitress because their naked cones were $1.  We said we'd have to go next door to Burger King next time.  Their cones were only 50 cents!!!  HA HA

We said fairwell to Harold and Marion and sent them on their way to Alaska!!

Thanks guys for thinking to call us to meet you!!  Great send-off!!!!

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