Sunday, September 29, 2013


Diane and Mike are too good to us!!  During our stay at TT Chesapeake Bay, Diane let us use her bright red golf cart!!

We had more fun riding around the campground!!  I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to show you around TT Chesapeake Bay.

  Of course we drove the cart to the Pickleball Courts!!

And we rode to the Store and to the Pavilion!!

Sometimes our trips to the Store was for a big Ice Cream Cone!!  UUMMM!!

But it was not all fun!!  Sometime we had to take the Golf Cart to the Laundry!!  And to the Trash Dumpsters!

Back to the fun!!  We rode down by the lake

Down to Mike and Diane's site to play with their friends!!

One day we went "mudding" out in the woods!!  Sorry, Diane.  Just had to do it!!

We took the Golf Cart down to the dock.  Beautiful!

And along side the river!

And several times to the Ranger Station.

And we would always come back home!!

What fun!!  Thank you so much Diane and Mike!!

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