Monday, October 7, 2013


Sept 29 - On Sunday afternoon, while Ken was watching the Redskins and the NASCAR Races, I decided to use that time to drive across town to visit with my very good friend, Betty.  We sat together and talked and remembered and laughed a lot.!

Shortly, Betty's neighbors RG and Carol came to join us.  I am glad that Betty had told them I would be there, because -

Betty, RG and I all went to school together umm years ago!  In fact, we grew up together in the same neighborhood so have known each other forever  Carol did not grow up with us - she came along later but that's OK !!!  She married RG!   It was so good to see them all again!  It's been over three years since I saw them at our last Class Reunion!

RG and Carol; Betty and Faye

That was a most enjoyable afternoon.  Thanks, Guys!

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