Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Thu, Jan 16 -  Thursday morning, Ken said he woke up during the night and heard a strange clicking sound.  Click, Click, Click.  What in the world was going on, he wondered.  He got up and went toward the front of the motorhome.  This is what he saw!!  The slide-out had come in by itself!!

(Picture taken Thursday morning)

And it would not go out!!  This was not good!!  It looked like we were looking at a major expense!!  The Slide-out motor or something like that!

We were planning to leave TT Orlando that morning.  What were we going to do??  At least the slide-out was in the IN position and not OUT!!  We could at least move!!

We called nearby Camping Connection as soon as they opened and asked if they could take a look at our slide-out and figure out the problem.  The Gods were with us!  Camping Connection said to bring the RV in.  They would see what they could do.

Gary spent about an hour and checked out everything it could possibly be.  Turned out the Inline Circuit Breaker had gone bad!!  A $5.69 part plus labor -- total cost $123.79!!  Wow!!  We were so lucky!!!

Thank you Camping Connection for taking good care of us!!

But, this delay leads to the next article where we are not so lucky!

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