Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Fri, Jan 24 - Today I joined friends Cis and Sally and about 43 other ladies from Torrey Oaks for a delightful luncheon at The Back Porch Restaurant.  I rode with Cis as we caravaned the 40-mile drive to Lake Alfred and the restaurant.  Ken and I have driven pass this place numerous times and often wondered what it was.

The Barn is a unique building that contains three distinct areas -- The Stable contains a garden center with plants and gardening items; The Barn Antiques, established in 1969, has a nice gift shop and lots of antiques; and The Back Porch Restaurant, nestled between the other two, is a nice little restaurant with a dine-in back porch and patio.

Our group actually filled up the entire back porch.  I thought with our large group, it would take forever to be served.  After we had chosen seats, we were given  printed menus and pencils.  We each marked our menu with our choices of appetizer, soup, entree sandwich, and dessert.  When we had made our selections Cis and I took our menus to the front counter and turned them in to the hostess.  We each got coffee from the coffee maker and a cup of iced water and made our way back to our table.

I kid you not!!  Before I could stir my coffee, a waitress brought our lunch!!  Lunch was unique in that the waitresses brought each person a large "picnic basket" containing that person's choices.  We removed our lunch items and placed them on the table and the waitress took the basket.  Cute!!  And apparently that is the secret to very FAST service!!

For my lunch, I choose Cream of Vegetable Soup, Pasta Salad, Chicken Salad Croissant, and Unbelievable Chocolate for dessert!  Delicious!!

It was delightful!!  Thank you ladies for letting me join you all!

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