Sunday, March 9, 2014


Wed, Feb 12 - While sitting in the waiting room of Ken's Podiatrist, Dr. Joni Jones, I noticed a poster on the wall about Cold-Wave Laser Therapy MLS.  I wondered if this type of therapy might help me recover from the hip/back pains I have been suffering.  I've been limping and walking hunched over for the past several month.  I asked the office who could tell me about this Laser Therapy.  As it turned out, Steve H. the expert on Laser Therapy, was established at Dr. Jones' office.  He explained how he was certain Laser Therapy could fix my right hip so I could walk properly.  I signed up for six sessions at $60/each (that was all I could afford, even though he recommended 25 sessions).

For each session, I laid on my stomach on a table and Steve shined the Laser on my back/left hip area for about 30 minutes.  I felt absolutely nothing; no heat, no tingling, nothing.  I could not even tell the machine was turned on except for a beeping sound that indicated the laser was activated.  After only one session, I could stand up straight and walk a lot better.  Like a miracle!!  That was wonderful!!

Faye and Steve and the Cold-Wave Laser Therapy MLD machine.

Although I saw immediate results at first, after the remaining sessions, I am still not 100%.  Still I am hoping the laser therapy will continue to improve my walking ability!!

Thanks Steve for this introduction to Cold-Wave Laser Therapy!

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