Sunday, March 9, 2014


Sun, Feb. 09 - There was a group of us tennis friends from Richmond, VA who used to play tennis together for years and years; go out to dinner and happy hours, oyster roasts, boating, etc. etc. etc.  One couple, Lois and Gene, recently bought a condo in Venice, FL.  They were going to be in St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks to house-sit for their daughter while she was away from home.  So Lois and Gene offered the use of their condo in Venice to other friends, Karen and Dennis while they were in Florida.

Karen and Dennis came to visit us at TT Peace River on Sunday.  Dennis and I had a great time playing a few games of Pickleball with Brenda and James.  After that we enjoyed snacks and drinking beer and catching up with things back home.  Later the four of us went to a late lunch/early dinner at Wildcat Grille in Wauchula.  It was such fun seeing our "old" friends in Florida!!

Sat, Feb 15 - On Saturday, we drove over to Venice, FL to visit our friends Lois and Gene at their new condo.  It was really nice, overlooking the small canal and golf course.  After catching up on all the happenings, we decided to go out to dinner and then over to the beach to see the "Drum Circle" and watch the sunset.

Well, we visited for so long, by the time we had dinner and got over to the beach, the sun had set and the Drum Circle had almost closed down.  I think the Drum Circle could be a lot of fun with all types of drums, lighted hula hoops, etc.  A big party on the beach at sunset!!  But it really did not matter that we missed it because it was so cold and windy out on the beach that evening, it would have been pretty miserable!!

We did get our picture taken with a couple of the drummers who were still on the beach.  (See how bundled up we are!  Burrrr!!)

The last of the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico!

On our drive home, we did get to witness the full moon rising.

It followed us all the way back to Wauchula!

It's always fun visiting with our long time friends!!

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