Sunday, March 9, 2014


Wed, Feb 12 - Ken has been suffering with a terrible pain in the fourth toe of his left foot.  The pain was so severe that he could not wear his shoes.  We looked up Podiatrist on line and found the three best Podiatrist in Sebring, FL, according to the website.  We called Sebring Foot Care and, due to a cancellation, Ken was able to get an appointment the next day, on Wednesday, February 12.

The Podiatrist, Dr. Joni Jones, examined Ken's feet and toes and toenails.  We immediately took a liking to Dr. Joni.  She was thorough, easy to talk to, fun, and cute as a button!  We told her we had found her on the web as "one of the best Podiatrist in Sebring."  She replied:  "I'm THE BEST!".  Dr. Joni took X-Rays of both of Ken's feet.  Reading the X-Rays, she explained to Ken that his toe was hurting because a doctor some time ago had removed a bone from Ken's little toe so it was shorter than normal and not support the fourth toe.  She wrapped the toe with a band-aide and sat up a follow-up appointment.

As we left Dr. Joni's office, I happened to turn around and saw doctor and patient laughing and hugging each other Good Bye!!  They were so cute I had to have a picture!!

Dr. Joni is a dancer -- both ballroom and on stage.  She loved to strike a pose for pictures!!

Here she snuggles Ken's neck!  I can't blame her!!

Then she wrapped Ken's arms around her waist!!

What a fun visit with Dr. Joni Jones, Best Podiatrist in Sebring, FL.  I told Ken he was NEVER going to the Podiatrist alone!!!

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