Thursday, November 18, 2010


November 18 – This morning we tried something different at TT Palm Springs. Under the direction of Rick and Linda, we are creating a Pickleball Ladder. We were not certain exactly how it will work, but we decided to participate anyway.

Groups of four were formed based on arrival and sign up. Each group of four played three games at some point during the morning. For each game, the players in the group played with a different partner. At the end of each game, scores were reported. At the end of the morning, scores were tallied and the ladder was formed.

Here is some of the action!

On one court we have Neil and Larry

Don't know the name of the player with the red cap and Don.

Neil and Larry watch the Lob into the sun.

On another court Rick and Edie
I think Edie carried this team!! Sorry Rick!
Played against Rick's wife Linda and Larry.

Candid shot of the guys enjoying the match -- Bob, Ken and Dennis.

Later in the morning, Phil and Jim

Took on Roy and Dennis.

Watch out Roy!!!!!

It's time for the girls, Barb and Pam to take on the guys!!

Pam's husband Bob and Lynn.

Joe carried me in this game. He had a heavy load!!

Ken and Dottie made a great team and took us easily.

Dennis and Jim played together in this match.

Bob and Pam cutting up after their match.

The plans are to continue the Ladder each Thursday morning during the season. We'll see what happens as the weeks go by.

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