Thursday, November 18, 2010


November 18 – I was so amazed when this happened!! Read on!!

I need to see an eye specialist to have the pressure in my right eye checked. My Cornea Specialist in Richmond, VA was going to send me the names of doctors he recommended, but I have not yet heard from him.

I decided to go on Google to fine the names of Cornea Specialists in the Palm Desert, CA area. Those of you who use Google know that when you key in a subject for search, a long list of options appears on your computer screen. Anyway, I went on Google and keyed in “Cornea Specialists, Palm Desert, CA”. As expected, a long list of options appeared on my computer screen. As I scrolled down the list, I was surprised to see one particular website entry – Highway Runner!!

I was puzzled and said to Ken – “Ken look at this!! Someone must have the name Highway Runner!! I wonder who it is.” I clicked on the name and our Blog "Highway Runner" appeared. What a shock!!

Why would our Blog be on the list? Then I realized I had last posted articles from TT Palm Springs and wrote under “Where Are We Now” that we are in Palm Desert, CA. Some time ago I had written an article about upcoming eye surgery. In the article I mentioned that my Cornea Specialist was going to remove my cornea. . .!! Google had picked up on those key words. Can you believe that!!

You people with Blogs, have you ever had anything like that happen to you???


Mitch and Barb said...

Believe it or not, a couple of years ago we received an email from some lady who said she liked our blog--she had gotten the site when she googled "crabbing in Oregon". I was somewhat taken aback and have since not used any last names on my blog and I did go into the blog preferences and take off the public domain option. It is amazing where cyberspace will take you.

Sounds like your having fun! We are at Peace River for a week or so and are back to playing pickleball--yea! Feels like home!

Karen & Harry Shaak said...

Last winter when we traveled to Texas I posted some pictures of Palo Dura Canyon on our blog. I thought they were really good pictures. One of the comments I got on the post was from the head of the tourist director of the area thanking me for posting such beautiful pictures of the canyon. She said that she had been the director of tourism for many years and was always and still is amazed at how beautiful the area is. I was shocked but still do not know how she got to look at my humble little blog.
Keep having a good time and please have safe travels.