Sunday, November 14, 2010


November 14 – Sunday morning there was no one playing at TT Wilderness Lakes so we drove over to Diamond Valley Lake Recreation Center to play with the group over there. There were a lot of different players than on our previous times playing with them.

After Pickleball we drove to nearby Diamond Valley Lake View Point, the Jewel of California Lakes. The 4,500 acre Lake is 4 1/2 miles long and 2 miles wide. With a capacity of nearly 260 billion gallons of water, it is Southern California’s largest freshwater reservoir.

After some picture taking at the Lake, we stopped by the Winchester Cheese Company a couple of miles away. All of their cheeses are Gouda Boeren Kaas cheese, made in the traditional Dutch fashion using ancient recipes brought directly from Holland by the founder.

We tasted samples of their Gouda Cheese Assortment including Sharp Aged Gouda aged 6 months; Medium Aged Gouda aged 90 days; King Tut Gouda aged 5 years; and their signature cheese Super Aged Gouda aged a minimum of one year. We noticed that the longer the cheese aged, the dryer and more crumbly it was. All of the cheeses were wonderful!!

Ken chose Habanero Gouda Cheese that had a hotter flavor than their Jalapeno Gouda or other brands of Pepper Jack Cheese. My choice was the Fenugreek Sharp Aged Gouda which was a limited edition cheese made especially for their Cheese Club. When it is gone, it is gone!! There were only two packages left, I bought one of them.

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