Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sept. 21 - While Ken and I were having Gyros with Anja and Ken (earlier posting), I happened to mention that I loved Oktoberfest and wanted to celebrate every year!! Wished we could celebrate with them (she a real German), but, unfortunately, we would not be at Verde Valley in October. It was then I learned that Oktoberfest actually begins in mid-September, sixteen days up to and including the first Sunday in October. OK!! Let's do it!! Let's have an Oktoberfest!

Plans were made! I contacted the other Pickleball players and set up Wednesday afternoon as the date for our Oktoberfest!!

Since we had moved to the BLM land outside the gate, and Ken and Anja had such a nice big, grassy site, we decided to have the party at their site. We brought the Johnsonville Brats and Kaiser Rolls, plates and utensils.

Ken took over and grilled the Brats! They were perfect!!

Here are Anja and Ken. Anja prepared Cheese Spaetzle and Apple Crumb Cake. Anja said she would have put raisins in with the apples, but she remembered my Ken had said he did not like raisins! After that, everyone teased Ken unmercifully that he had ruined the cake because it did not have raisins!! That was funny!! Thank you so much, Guys, for providing a place and your expertise for our Oktoberfest!!

Tom and Marge, brought the Bavarian Chocolate Cake! UMMM

Cheryl and Bruce came over from Camp Verde to join us. They brought German Cole Slaw that was delicious on the Brats or off!!

Oland gets Hi-Five from Ken's dog Crash before a reward of peanuts (for Crash, that is - HA HA)! Oland brought the Fried Cabbage. The plan was to mix it with Anja's Spaetzle in a casserole topped with cheese, but her Ken said he didn't like it that way! Both were delicious even though they were not mixed together!

Ken gets his Hi-Five from Crash, too! Papa Ken looks on.

Ken and I celebrating Oktoberfest 2011 with our German beer!!

My plate piled with the eats -- Brats on Kaiser roll, German Cole Slaw, Fried Cabbage, Cheese Spaetzle -- German Beer on the side. UUMMMMM!!

Then the gang crowded around the desserts!

Bavarian Chocolate Cake, Ken's thumb stuck in the Bavarian Chocolate, Whipped Cream, Apple Crumb Cake (without the raisins)!!

Thanks to all of you for helping us celebrate Oktoberfest!! Everything was Wunderbar!!

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