Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sept. 23 - Today is our last day in Verde Valley and we decided to take a side trip to Prescott Valley, about 40 miles South, just over Mingus Mountain. Ken wanted to get a few things at Costco and I wanted to check on having a prescription filled there. (Note: I am just about to go into my GAP under my Humana M/C Drug Plan so did not want to have the prescription filled under the Plan!!) We planned that after doing our chores, we could have early dinner at the China Buffet!! Yeah!!

It was a beautiful drive. Here's a view from the first pull-out, looking down into the Valley!!

We remembered that years ago when we took this route to Prescott, we would always see the wild Pronghorns in the meadows. They did not disappoint us this time either!! They were here to greet us!!

We had a successful trip and finished up at China Buffet at about 3:15 PM -- not a minute too soon since their prices change to dinner price at 3:30 PM!!! It was as delicious, as we remembered from five years ago!!

Here are my appetizers!!! We love Sushi!! One thing I like about this establishment -- they don't place a Tip Jar at the Sushi Bar!!! I have to say, while the Hot and Sour was very good, I like Ming Garden's soup better.

Ken has enjoyed his appetizers and has moved on to the entree!!!

We both ate too much, of course, but this was a great way to end our extended on stay in the Verde Valley!! We highly recommend the China Buffet, above the Costco parking lot in Prescott Valley.

Tomorrow we will head to Bullhead City, AZ for a few days and then on to Southern California!! While we love this area, we will be glad to get the wheels rolling again!!

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