Monday, September 26, 2011


Sept 26 - We drove from Verde Valley to Bullhead City, AZ/Laughlin, NV yesterday. We will stay here for four nights.

Today we decided to drive up to see the Hoover Dam again. We had been there in April 2001, but we heard there was a huge new bridge across the Colorado River and we thought that would be worth a 85 mile drive.

This is funny. When I told my daughter Stasia that we were going to the Hoover Dam she said she had just found a picture of us taken at the Hoover Dam! I wonder if her picture was anything like this one!! HA HA!

Close up!!

View of the new bridge that we came to see!! Picture taken from top of the Dam.

This is a picture of the Dam. No water flows over The Hoover Dam.

Water flows through releases at the bottom of the dam, allowing the Colorado River to continue its southwesterly journey through Arizona, Nevada and California. They have a saying: Food Grows Where Water Flows!

We didn't take the tour this time so I don't remember what these two towers contain. Water backed up by the dam forms Lake Meade.

The Hoover Dam was built in two states. The Eastern end of the dam is in Arizona!

The Western end of the dam is in Nevada!

When we left the Hoover Dam, we drove across the new Hoover Memorial Bridge. Unfortunately, the walls were so high we could not see anything below.

On our drive south on SR 93, heading toward Kingman, I told Ken that Arizona has so many beautiful places -- The Painted Desert, The Grand Canyon, Sedona, etc. -- but God must have forgotten this whole area when he made Arizona! This is the ugliest place we have ever seen!!

On our way south we passed the cut-off to the Sky Walk, the Indian tourist attraction where you walk out over the Grand Canyon on glass flooring! I would have loved to detour, but it would have added 80 miles to our trip. Maybe next time!!

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