Saturday, September 24, 2011


Another two weeks had passed at TT Verde Valley and we had to leave the park on September 20 for a week. We were ready to leave the area at last, but I still had a couple of follow-up appointments and could not leave. Just outside the Thousand Trails gate there is an area of BLM land where free dry camping is allowed. So, we decided to stay at the top of the hill for a few days.

It really is beautiful up there, and so quiet. This is where we chose to camp. In the picture it looks like we are in the middle of a dirt road but we're not. It's a cleared area for camping.

The view from the passenger side.

From the Driver's side.

And the view out of our front window!

The first day we took a drive from our campground down a dirt road to the Verde River. Some of the scenery!

This ranch belongs to Ken's first heart doctor out here, Dr. Futral. Ken had his first heart attack out here in Jerome in 1999. Dr. Futral was on call in the Emergency Room. He was a graduate of UVA and he was great. Ken saw him for years after that. He has now retired. Too bad.

This is the only glimps of the River that we saw during our drive.

A closer view!

Every morning, the hot-air balloons would pass over our site!!

This is a different balloon on a different day!

The same balloon on another day in the process of lifting off!

But in a few minutes, it was clear it was not going anywhere!!

And now, deflated!! Ken said he saw it lift off again a little later!

Our time at the top of the hill was very enjoyable. Tomorrow morning we will leave Verde Valley for awhile. It has been a great visit!

On Friday we decided to drive over Mingus Mountain to Prescott Valley

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