Thursday, November 17, 2011


Nov 17 - We read on-line that about 500 people gathered in Indio at the site of the future transit center in anticipation of the arrival of Locomotive No. 844, the last steam engine built for Union Pacific. The "Living Legend" was recently renovated and this was her maiden tour from Wyoming, through New Mexico, Arizona, stops in California, up to Las Vegas and Utah before, heading back to Wyoming.

Pickleball friend Roy and his wife Sandy mentioned they were going to go to see the last steam locomotive as it passed by. We asked if we could join them. And we were off on an adventure to see a piece of history. It seemed like a good idea!

We stopped at a small shopping strip across the highway from the train track, and started waiting for Old No. 844 to pass by. And we waited; and we waited.

Ken and I finally crossed to the median of the highway to be a little closer to get better pictures when the engine passed. And we waited some more!

We crossed back over the highway and waited a little longer. Finally, Sandy got excited -- "Here it comes!!" I jumped up, grabbed the camera and took my pictures!

The first one between the trees and the traffic, but you can see the steam rising!

The second behind a car and SUV, but you can see the Engineer at the window and another RR worker standing at the stairwell!!

My third picture - No. 844 had passed and Roy was in the foreground!!

Fortunately, Roy got a really good one!!

It was really nostalgic to see that old Steam Locomotive go by! Just took a little longer than we anticipated. We learned later that the train was an hour late getting to Indio, causing our long wait!

Thanks Roy and Sandy for including us!

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