Thursday, November 17, 2011


Nov. 16 - We have been a TT Wilderness Lakes for two weeks. It has been fun playing Pickleball every morning. The other day, we only had eight players, four couples!

Here are the girls: Pam, Pam, Julie and Faye.

And here are the guys: Chuck, Ken, Walt and Bob.

Walt and Pam are relatively new Pickleball players; just started at TT Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago. One day Walt mentioned that he and Pam enjoyed preparing Jambalaya. Did we ever have pot-lucks?? Do we ever??!! That is all we needed. A pot-luck dinner was planned immediately with everybody bringing something to serve with the Jambalaya.

Here we are enjoying dinner: Around the table: Pam, Bob, Ken, Nancy, Julie, Chuck, Mike, Faye, Pam, and Walt.

Looking the other direction.

The Jambalaya dinner was so successful, this is all that was left!!

Pam and Walt will fit right in with the Pickleball crowd!! Play Pickleball and eat!!!

Thanks guys!!

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