Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sat. Feb. 11 - Pam and Walt invited us to share an Experimental Dinner with them this evening.

Background: When we were all here back in November 2011, Pam and Walt prepared Jambalaya for the Pickleball group as the focus of a pot-luck dinner. The Jambalaya was wonderful as were all the side dishes. After the meal, Julie (pictured) gave Pam a one-dish recipe that started with Country Style Ribs. On top you layered sauerkraut, cabbage, apples, onions, caraway seeds, etc. and then baked!!

Pam said this is the first time she had prepared the dish and invited us to try it with them. When I saw the recipe, I understood why Pam called it an experiment!! The ingredients were all listed but there were no quantities shown!! Pam experimented anyway!!

Here is the dish prepared by Pam and Walt with the addition of potatoes that Pam added herself. It looks wonderful and smells devine!!

Our hosts Pam and Walt serving dinner!

Walt had offered Ken a taste ahead of time. Ooops!! Tide Lift-Off Stick did not work!!

Pam helping Faye serve herself.

The four of us enjoying the meal! It just melted in your mouth!! Pam said next time she thought she would remove the bones first, but I thought the bones were an important part of the dish!

Thanks so much Pam and Walt for a most delicious dinner (and Julie for sharing the recipe)!! Now, if you would share the recipe with me WITH THE AMOUNTS INCLUDED I think we'll try it ourselves!

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