Saturday, February 18, 2012


Feb. 18 - We spent our second day watching the Pickleball matches at the 2012 Palm Desert Senior Games. Today was Mixed Doubles play.

Here is Ken with friends Al and Shirley as they watch a match. Jim is misbehaving behind the group!! Al drove over from TT Wilderness Lakes where he is a Ranger.

Del and Jerry were here again today. Neither of them is competing this year.

Larry and his wife between matches. Larry is playing with Judy.

Husband and wife team Lynn and Linda.

A group of handsome spectators!! Paul, Frank, Ken and Dean!!

Spike is Umpire again today!

Here are Anne and Joe. Looks like Joe is playing with his new ZZT Sports paddle!!

Here is Jessie and her partner. I think she ended up winning Silver! Congratulations, Jessie!

Linda and Jim P. are partners. They were playing great!!

Husband and wife team, Linda and Lynn. They make a great partnership!!

We met Henry while watching the Men's Doubles yesterday. He happens to be from near Richmond, VA so I told him I would include him in our Blog!!

Here is Bill and his partner, Barb. They ultimately won Silver in a very close match for the Gold!! A big Congratulations!!

Husband and wife team of Rich and Dee.

Here is Paul with his partner. Paul was Rich's partner in the Men's Doubles!

Pat Carroll makes a brilliant move!!

Larry and Judy in a tense match. Paul is Umpire!!

I love Larry's special prayer whenever he misses a shot!!

Stephanie and her partner. Stephanie is frequently Judy's partner in Women's Doubles matches.

I didn't meet this woman, but the word is that she is the best in the country!! I saw her play. I believe it!!

The last match we saw was my protegee Judy and her partner. Go Judy!!! Looking GREAT!

As we were leaving, Cis was just arriving!! Have a good time, Cis!

Just before leaving, Ken bought me this beautiful Pickleball Paddle pendant!! Semi-precious stone with a "diamond" ball! Thank you, Ken. Love it!! Love You!!

The three little dots at the top are just reflections.

Our two days at the 2012 Palm Desert Senior Games were a lot of fun!! And it was FREE!!

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john said...

It was a pleasure to meet you. I am sure our paths will cross again.