Sunday, February 19, 2012


Feb 17 - We were at TT Wilderness Lakes until this morning when we moved to Cathedral City so we could go to watch and enjoy the 2012 Palm Desert Senior Games. Today was the day for Men's Doubles and Women's Singles in Pickleball. We missed yesterday and the Women's Doubles and Men's Singles. We did not arrive until about the middle of the day and some teams were already finished for the day.

Before we could even get to the Pickleball courts we ran into Del and Jerry (left). We were talking with them when Jim and Shirley (right) stopped and joined us. We have been crossing paths with the four of them throughout the winter, but still I asked a young girl to take our picture. Before she could click the picture, a Pickleball player whom we did not know pushed his way into the center of the picture. "Oh, good. It's picture time!" he said with a big smile!!

When we finally got to the courts, we immediately saw our friends Spike and Linda. They make and sell the ZZT Sports Pickleball Paddles and are always at the Senior Games. Last year Linda had explained the origin of the name ZZT Sports. She said, "What is the very first score in Pickleball? Zero, Zero, Two!!" Thus, the name ZZT Sports. You may contact Spike and Linda at or call 623-826-0126 to place an order!

Later in the day, I saw Hayden and Gloria buying paddles from Spike and Linda! Linda took the time to explain the construction of the paddles and showed us a cut-out showing the interior of the paddle. See you guys on the courts with your new ZZT Sports paddles!!

Here is Joe and his wife buying a ZZT Sports paddle from Linda! Notice Joe's official tee shirt for the 2012 Games.

East Coast friends Dee and Rich. Rich is participating in the Men's Doubles!

Amazing! Val and Bill are from Richmond, VA. We met them out here at TT Wilderness Lakes. Bill is competing in the games, also.

Marge and Dean are also East Coast people. They recently returned from an excursion to Alaska!! Marge covered their exciting adventure in her Blog. Dean is Bill's partner in the Men's Doubles matches.

We ran into Dennis watching the games. Dennis is not competing this year because he is awaiting major surgery on February 29. Barb did not come today. Good to see you, Dennis!

Caught "Kissing Linda" kissing again!! (She's the one who kissed Ken awhile back!) Here she is with Bert while Judy is not at all concerned!!!

Saw Anne and Roger watching a match. Roger had to cancel out of the tournament because of an injury!!
We ran into Roger watching the games. He is not competing today. Don't know why. He's great.

In fact, Roger was called to be a Lines Person for several of the matches.

Other friends also served as Umpires. Here is Frank in charge of this match.

And Stephenie Umpiring another match.

And now for some of the action!

Interestingly enough, Pickleball Tournaments are frequently formatted based on Age Group! Rich and Paul, being approximately the same age, form a partnership!

Bill and Dean are a team, too!

Eventually, the two teams would compete again each other!

Women's Singles matches were also being played today. We did not see many of the matches, but I did watch one of my friend Pat Carroll's matches! She's great!

When we first arrived, we ran into Mike on the sidewalk. "Faye with an E" he said as he approached!! How could he remember me?? Here is Mike (yellow) in action!!

Just behind Mike on the sidewalk was Lynn. He also spoke to us and commented that he read our Blog all the time!! Here is Lynn (blue sunglasses) in action!

Now, back to the stranger who joined us in the middle of our picture taking when we first arrived, I want to say "Welcome to our group! Nice to meet you!!" I later learned that he is John Ramirez, Pickleball Ambassador, Mesquite, NV. He also has a Pickleball Blog about charity events, etc. is Mesquite. The address is: Enjoyed meeting you, John!! Here he is in action!! John is the player wearing the wild shorts!!

Spike not only represented his ZZT Sports line of products, he also competed in the tournament!

We really enjoyed the day at the tournament!! Good luck to all of the participants!!

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