Thursday, February 23, 2012


Feb 17 - 24 - We wanted to stay in the Palm Springs area this week so we could enjoy going to the 2012 Palm Desert Senior Games (see previous articles). Cathedral Palm RV Resort, an RPI Resort in Cathedral City, CA was the perfect location.

Shortly after we checked in on Friday morning, Lorraine, one of the activities leaders at the park, knocked on our door and invited us to join a group that was going out for Mexican at La Tablita Restaurant on East Cathedral Canyon . Here is most of the group.

Around our table: Bobbie, Ken, Faye, Bruce the Resort Manager is standing, Lorraine's husband John, another Ken, and Lorraine.

Most of us chose to have the Mexican Seafood Buffet rather than order from the menu. It consisted of a lot of dishes Ken and I have never had before -- not the usual fare of taco fixings or the Tex-Mex we are used it!

When I saw what was offered on the buffet, I had no idea what to choose or how to eat it! I noticed the gentleman in front of me seemed to know exactly what to do. I asked for his help.

He said to start with a bowl of soup and put rice and the other dishes around the edge. I started with fish soup. Added rice, peel and eat shrimp in a sauce, octopus, and I don't know what else!! On my plate I took a few familiar items - fish, chili relleno, enchilada and bar-b-q beef.

My new acquaintance told me about the Ceviche - succulent shrimp "cooked" in lime and tomato juices and served in a cocktail glass. Now that was very good; the entire table decided to try it!

But, the most unique item was the garlic fish. My friend told me how you just sort of chew on it as you might chew on a chicken neck!! I tried it!! First, I turned the eyeball away from me so I did not look the fish in the eye as I picked at it! The fish head had a crispy, garlicky coating. It was quite flavorful!

Lorraine conducted a short meeting to make future plans for activities at the resort. We were asked if we would help with Pickleball? The first session was set it up for Monday morning.

The restaurant seemed to be very popular, judging from the crowd and rave reviews on line. But, we can't really recommend the buffet! We noticed that, except for our group, not many other people eat the buffet.
* * *

We knew Bill and Val were also staying at Cathedral Palms. I bummed a ride from the office with Bill in the big yellow truck! HA HA

We asked if they would help with the Pickleball on Monday morning. Here we demonstrate to the few interested "residents" what Pickleball is all about.

Ken is showing Lorraine how to serve.

The first match. Faye and Doug

Take on Lorraine and Ken!

We had a couple more sessions during the week. Bruce is so anxious to get Pickleball going at the resort. Hopefully more potential players will show up.

We leave on Friday to move over to TT Wilderness Lakes. It was fun being here!

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