Thursday, February 23, 2012


Wed 22 - Boy, I thought I had really messed up and had totally missed Mardi Gras this year!!! How terrible!!!

Then my mind started functioning!! It was only Thursday. Walt and Pam had made Jambalaya for a group at TT Wilderness Lakes last winter! They were going to TT Palm Springs on Monday! Would Walt consider making Jambalaya for Fat Tuesday at Palm Springs??? Yes! He said he would!!

Problem! We were not at TT Palm Springs to plan a Mardi Gras celebration! But, Gloria and Hayden were there!! Could Gloria get with Walt and Pam and plan a Fat Tuesday cook-out for me?? Yes!! She would!! They could!!

And could she invite Bill who had just returned from Arizona to join us?? Yes again! Not only did she invite Bill, she arranged for him to host the party at his site!!

A few more mutual friends were invited and the celebration was on!! Except for one thing! Walt and Pam preferred to do it on Wednesday -- not Fat Tuesday!!

That's OK. We would have Fat Tuesday on Ash Wednesday!!

Ken, Gloria, Pam and Shirley around the table.

Here is Walt and Pam who made the Jambalaya!!

Hayden and Gloria who arranged the whole thing! for me!

"Kissing" Linda who also made Jambalaya. But that's not her husband Mark. That's Bill who invited us to use his site!

Jim P. and Shirley who brought a Mandarin Orange salad.

And Dick and Becky who made a huge salad, too!

That's me cutting up with Bill while Ken looks on! We brought a couple of Pecan Pies, but more important, we brought New Orleans Hurricanes and Long Island Ice Tea for the group. I think the LIT has kicked in because Bill was really crazy!!

Rick talking with his hands!! Linda had stopped by before going on night shift and brought jalapeno corn bread.

Two crazy Michigan guys showing off their matching Michigan tans!!

Bill and Ken having fun! It's always fun around Bill!!

The girls showing off our Mardi Gras beads!! The guys were acting silly in front of us and caused us to laugh until we cried!

We pulled a switch-a-roo tonight!! It was the guys who lifted their shirts instead of the girls!! They were so hilarious!!!

It really was a wild and crazy night!! Thanks to everybody who made this one of the best Mardi Gras celebrations ever!!

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