Saturday, March 17, 2012


March 15-17 - TT Palm Springs held its End-Of-The-Year Pickleball Tournament for three days on March 15-17. Ken and I were not there to play in the Thursday Tournament, but we did play in the Friday Men's and Women's Tournaments and in the Saturday Round Robin Tournament.

Saturday morning, before play began, Rick passed out ribbons to the winners in the Friday Men's and Women's Tournaments. Here are the winners who were available for pictures (Sorry, all winners are not in the picture).

Jim B, Faye, Jim P, Matt, Larry, Linda and Rick. Congratulations to all who participated!!

Here is some of the action in Saturday's Round Robin play.

Norby and Jerry.

Linda B and Richard.

Jim P and Ede.

Jim B and Matt. Nice backhand form!

Three handsome spectators! Larry, Brian and Ken.

Brian and Jim B.

Larry and Rick. Nice ballet move!!

Lem and Jerry.

Matt and Jim P.

That's how you stop their momentum!! Gotta rock in my shoe!! HA HA Way to go, Lem!!

Chris and Kim. I was surprised to learn that Kim is Rick's daughter!! Welcome, Kim!!

Allen and Gordy.

Clint and Neil.

Linda W and Chris.

Norby and Rick.

Clint and Allen.

Gordy and Kim.

We had to play FAST to try and finish before the rains came!! (It never did rain, thank Goodness!)

Phil and Faye.

Neil and Linda W.

Larry and Matt.

Clint with Kim.

Ken and Phil.

Ken has the camera now!! There will be some artsy pictures!!

Faye and Linda W.

Against a stacked deck!! Allen (Linda's husband) and Neil.

The foursome leave the court!

We never scored a point, BUT GIRLS RULE!!! Good job with the camera, Ken!! HA HA

Linda B and Rick B.

Jim P and Lem.

Matt and Brian.

The tournament was great and a lot of fun!! A BIG Thank You to Linda, Shirley, and Rick for a tournament well done!! A great time was had by all!!

When the tournament was over, we all gathered at the Family Lodge for a Pot Luck get-together!! Rick had prepared Corned Beef and Mulligan Stew, since it was St. Patrick's Day! Others brought the cabbage, hors d'oeuvres, potato salad, breads, desserts, etc. I'm not quite sure how we managed to have so much delicious food when we had only just gotten off the Pickleball courts!! We are an amazing group, are we not!! We'll do anything to eat and have FUN!

After dinner Rick and Linda passed out medals and ribbons for tournament winners and some nice door prizes. Sorry, I was not able to get pictures of the presentations. I was still eating!!

I did get a picture of my medal for winning Third Place in Friday's Women's Doubles!! I think I had a really good win when you consider there were five women and one Bye in our bracket, and two of the women were beginners!!! HA HA Beautiful medal!! Thank you.

Ede was a medal winner but was not at the dinner on Saturday afternoon. Rick gave her the medal on Sunday morning. Some of us ladies who were at the courts gathered around Ede for the presentation!!!

Barb, Gloria, Faye, Ede, Jeannette, and Kim.

Thanks again Rick, Shirley, Linda and all the participants!! It was a great way to end the year!!

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