Tuesday, March 13, 2012


March 10 - Ken's Granddaughter, Niki, lives in Culver City in southern LA. She has lived out here for a couple of years, working for a movie studio. Ken's daughter, Vickie and her husband, Steve came out to California to visit Niki for a few days. They traded a timeshare week for a week at the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido. During the same time period, we stayed at Ramona Canyon RV Park (ROD) in Ramona. Actually, our campground was not as close to the Welk Resort as I had thought; actually only 32 miles, but it was mostly all twisting, turning, mountain roads! Nevertheless, we managed to get together with the family on several occasions!

This was one of the occasions. Ken's son, Rich who lives in Chula Vista, invited all of us over for pulled pork bar-b-q, using Ken's famous recipe! Well, almost!! The only difference was Rich cooked the Picnic in a crock pot, rather than on the stove top, so when we arrived for dinner, the pork was only about half done! What to do??? We decided to transfer the pork to a pressure cooker that they had only used a couple of times. The next ten minutes were spent trying to figure out how to put the top on. While we were wrestling with the top, Niki used her iPhone to see how to prepare a pork roast in a pressure cooker! That done, we put the cooker on high for about 45 minutes. After that, the guys drained the liquid and pulled the pork apart. It turned out great -- it was delicious!!!

We got together for pictures after dinner.

Daddy Steve, Mother Vickie, Niki, and boy friend Max.

The whole group: Niki, Max, Vickie, Steve, Faye, Ken, Marlo and Rich.

They finished up the evening making Some Mores! Ken and I went home!!

Thanks, Rich and Marlo, for a fun evening and great Bar-B-Q with the family!


Earlier in the day, before going for Bar-B-Q at Rich's, we stopped by the local Farmer's Market in Ramona. I wanted to buy a scarf to tie around my straw hat that feels so "naked" without anything on it. I stopped by a booth where this nice lady showed me all the things she could do with this one scarf!! She could tie it around her neck, tie it around her hips, wear it as a shawl, etc. Here she is showing me how to tie two ends together and make -


This is funny!! While I was learning all the scarf tricks, this attractive, very friendly lady came up to Ken, and patted him on both cheeks. "You're so Cute!", she said. "You really are!" She would not leave him alone. I told her I was going to take her picture flirting with MY husband!! She was the most friendly stranger we have ever come across. It turns out she was working the Senior booth at the Market. Guess she was recruiting Ken! HA HA

Then she wanted to take our picture. So, Ken pretended he was buying some flowers for me from this other vendor.

Crazy morning at the Market!

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