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March 12 - Ken's daughter, Vickie and husband Steve from Florida, are staying at the Lawrence Welk timeshare resort in Escondido, CA. We are camping at Ramona Canyon RV ROD campground about 32 miles away.

Lawrence Welk Timeshare Resort

Vickie had mentioned that they would like to do some wine tasting while they were in California. I went on line to see what sounded good, at a good price. Were there any two-for-one coupons available?? Reading some of the reviews of the vineyards and wineries in the area, the first thing I learned was that wine tasting in Escondido could not compare with wine tasting in Napa Valley or in Temecula.

One winery that caught my attention was Orfila Vineyards and Winery. Reviews were good, even suggesting that you bring your own picnic or cheeses to enjoy while tasting the wines. The cost was $10 for six tastings -- and there was a coupon!! We told Vickie we thought Orfila would be the place to try. When I mentioned the coupon, Vickie said their resort had given them two coupons for Orfila, each one offering two FREE tastings!! That settled that!!

But, before leaving, we decided to browse the Farmer's Market that was going on in the Lawrence Welk resort parking lot. Maybe we could find some bread and cheese to take with us to the winery.

First Steve bought a hat because his head had gotten sunburned at the Wolf Center on Sunday.

We recognized some of the vendors from the Ramona Farmer's Market on Saturday, but Ken's lady friend from the Senior Center was not there!

There were several vendors selling baked goods but no one was selling cheeses! We decided to buy a loaf of Artisan bread with rosemary and cheese from this local bakery. We asked the owner if he would slice the loaf for us. "Of course. That will be a $5 charge!"

Then we asked if he would pose for a picture. "Of course. That will be $5!! We thought we should charge him for getting his picture in the Blog! HA HA

And then we went to the winery for our wine tasting!!

Steve and Vickie stomped the grapes!!

Ken and I entering the Tasting Room.

We presented our server with our FREE coupons. I still thought we would have to buy one tasting to get the free one. But, no! The server was pleased to serve us all at no charge!!

We took our wine and went out to the patio to enjoy the wine with our Artisan bread! It was a beautiful setting!!

Here we are enjoying our wine. Notice I'm wearing my new scarf!! I felt like it was choking me!! Strangling me!! Consuming me!! But, in the picture it does not look too bad!! HA HA

Ours was a delightful experience at the Orfila Vineyards. Not only were the tastings FREE, but they presented us with new Orfila wine glasses as mementos!

I have to say, wine tasting in Escondido does not compare with Napa Valley or Temecula. No. At Orfila it is even better!!


Ken's son Rich who lives in Chula Vista, CA, has been after us to go to the Valley View Casino for the FREE Lobster Buffet! We all decided to go later on Monday, after the wine tasting!! Rich and Marlo came over to meet us at the Lawrence Welk resort and after a bit of relaxing, we were off to the Casino!

When we arrived, we signed up for the Player's Card and were presented with tickets for the Free Lobster Buffet!

In the restaurant. Our picture thanks to a very helpful waitress: Vickie, Steve, Faye, Rich, Ken and Marlo seated.

The buffet was WONDERFUL!!! All the lobster, crab legs, shrimp, etc. etc. etc. we could eat!! And the lobster and crab legs were sliced down the middle and very easy to remove from the shell!

Ken's lobster!

My lobster!!

You know us!! We did eat All We Could Eat!!

Thanks Rich for insisting that we go to this Casino Buffet. It's one of the BEST we have enjoyed!!

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