Sunday, June 10, 2012


Jun 05 - Tom and Becky, recently new to Pickleball and new to TT Verde Valley, were planning to leave on Wednesday to continue their traveling.  Sue suggested that we all get together at Conchos again to bid them farewell.  Of course, we all thought that was a great idea!!  And, it didn't matter at all when Tom and Becky announced that they had decided to extend for a couple of days!!

We got together for happy hour (drinks only) at Sue and Jacks before going to Conchos.

Sue and Jack welcome us to their site!

Here is the group!  (I'll name the ones I can see.  Left of the table - Trudy, Sandy, Ed, Jack.  Right of the table - Tony, Marilyn)

 And here we are at dinner:  On the left:  Tony, Becky, Alan, Trudy, Jean, Donald.  On the right:  Marilyn, Tom, Sue, Jack, Faye, Ken.  And in the Center is our terrific waiter.  He did a great job keeping up with all the different orders!

The food was delicious, but apparently not quite enough for some people!!

Because the group (minus Faye and Ken) met up again at the local DQ for Blizzards,  etc.

Everyone had a terrific time.  Hope we meet up with Becky and Tom (and the rest of the group) again down the road!!

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Becky Poremba said...

We miss you guys! Enjoy the pickleball and of course of few happy hours and dinners for us! See everyone later in the year!