Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Jun 10 - Sandy and Ed invited the Pickleball group to a dinner of meatballs, potato salad, etc. on Monday afternoon.  However, Sandy had to change her plans and moved the dinner up to Sunday afternoon. I thought she was truly amazing!!  After a morning  of Pickleball and an afternoon of water aerobics, she was all ready at 5:30 to entertain us!

Eating again!  Ken, Tony, Ed, Trudy, Marilyn, Sue standing, Jack, Alan and Faye.  Sandy is the photographer!

Great meatballs Sandy and Ed.  That was so nuch fun getting together!!


Jun 11 - Would you believe it??  While we were still enjoying Sandy's meatballs, Marilyn and Tony invited the group to their site on Tuesday afternoon for hamburgers and chicken tenders!!  Of course, we were all for that!!

Tony grilling the burgers!  Note his RV apron, specially ordered and sent to him by their daughter in Korea.

While the rest of us were having fun!!  Ken, Sue, Trudy and Alan.  Notice Trudy's new "Hair Style By Marilyn"!!  Looking good, Trudy!!

Marilyn, Jean in front with Steve and Susan (new Pickleball players) seated behind.

Jack, Donald and Ed (Sandy is away).

Delicious hamburgers and chicken, guys!!  And what a lot of FUN!!  

But, tomorrow, six of our group will be leaving for Clint's Well and the next leg of their travels!!  We will surely miss all of you!!  May our paths cross again down the road!

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