Monday, June 11, 2012


Resorts of Distinction [ROD] is a membership camping club that has many RV parks across the country under its banner.  Members pay an initiation fee to join and annual dues in exchange for almost FREE camping at those RV parks. Many Thousand Trails members joined ROD through one of the Thousand Trails campgrounds.

As many of you know, Thousand Trails terminated it's relationship with Resorts of Distinction in 2011. If we joined ROD through one of the Thousand Trails resorts, that membership would expire on your next anniversary date. Our membership in ROD expired as of January 01, 2012.  

At TT Palm Springs, we met up with a number of other TT members, former ROD members, who were in the same boat as we. Word quickly spread that Lighthouse Marina, Isleton, CA (located in the Delta between San Francisco and Sacramento) was offering membership in their resort as well as ROD Plus membership at a very reasonable price. Lighthouse Marina would be our "Home Park" for ROD. Many of us took advantage of that offer.

I still think Lighthouse Marina membership was a good deal, but I have run into some "Surprises" when trying to make reservations using my new ROD membership.  I thought I'd share my new-found knowledge!!

First of all, we had planned to spend our summer up in the Delta, going to Lighthouse Marina, then to a few of the other ROD campgrounds in the Delta.  I was surprised to learn that the other campgrounds in the Delta have opted into something called the "100 air mile rule".  That means we cannot stay at those ROD campgrounds because they are located within 100 miles of Lighthouse Marina!!

Before joining, I had asked ROD about the 125 mile rule and how it affected using other ROD campgrounds in the Delta area.  I was told that there were only a couple of campgrounds up there that we could not use because they were within 100 miles of Lighthouse Marina, our home park.  Little did I know they were the ONLY other ROD campgrounds in the Delta:  Delta Shores, Canyon Creek, and Duncan's Mills!!

Consequently, ROD members who have Lighthouse Marina as their home park can only stay in the Delta using ROD for a total of 14 nights!!  Lighthouse Marina only allows us to stay 14 nights, and we cannot use the other Delta campgrounds, under ROD.

We are not driving all the way to the Delta for 14 nights!!  Changed our plans!!

Second, because Lighthouse Marina does not accept other ROD members during a Holiday, ROD members with Lighthouse Marina as their home park cannot use any other ROD campground during a Holiday!!  I found this out when trying to make a reservation at Ridgeview RV in Bullhead City, AZ.  I was told that many ROD campgrounds have "Blackout Periods" when they do not accept ROD members.  That's funny!  That was not mentioned in the joining process or in the ROD Directory!!  Surprise!!

And third.  (And this has nothing to do with Lighthouse Marina)  If we stay seven nights or less at a ROD campground, we can go directly to another ROD campground.  However, if we stay more than seven nights, we must be out of the ROD system for a week before going to another ROD campground.  Actually, this is not so bad when we consider that under our previous Thousand Trails ROD membership we could only stay one week at a particular ROD campground, two times a year.

We still think our Lighthouse Marina membership, including ROD is a great deal!  Just a few Surprises!!

If anyone has had additional Surprises, or knows more than we do, please make a comment!!!

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