Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Aug 03 - We were in Santa Barbara when they were celebrating their annual Old Spanish Days Fiesta  from August 1 - August 5.  Celebrations were held all over the city.  We went to the Fiesta Rodeo in the morning and in the afternoon we went to the big Fiesta Parade held down near the waterfront.  I read that it was one of the largest equestrian parades in the country!!  And I believe it!!  There must have been hundreds and hundreds of beautiful horses!

The Parade opened with a welcome by the Fiesta Flower Girls.  You can't see them here but there were about 30 little girls all dressed up in white Spanish style dresses.  They were the cutest things!

Just a very few of the exhibits in the Parade!  Horses and carriage.

Palomino horses paraded by!

Festive float.

Old western stage coach!

One of several bands!

Mounted Posse!

They thought they did not have enough horses so they included some mules, too!


What I enjoyed most were all the beautiful prancing horses!

It was a fun day at the Fiesta Parade!

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