Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Jul 31 - We arrived at TT Rancho Oso, near Santa Barbara, CA on Saturday afternoon the 28th and plan to be here for most of August.

On Tuesday we drove down to Santa Barbara (about 18 miles from Rancho Oso) and went to the Ronald Reagan Ranch Center.  When Ronald Reagan was President of the U.S., he used his ranch outside of Santa Barbara, Rancho del Cielo, as a Western "White House".  Years after his death, The Young America's Foundation bought the ranch to preserve it as a living monument to Ronald Reagan.

The public cannot tour the ranch itself, but many of the original artifacts, along with multimedia exhibits are contained in the Ronald Reagan Ranch Center in the middle of Santa Barbara.

Portrait of Ronald Reagan on his favorite horse.

Book shelves from the Ranch, with a sampling of his books.

Reagan's truck.

Well known quote by Ronald Reagan.

Section of the Berlin Wall that was indeed torn down!

After touring the Ronald Reagan Ranch Center, we went to the weekly Santa Barbara Farmer's Market. Every Tuesday they block off four or five blocks on State Street, the main street in town, and set up the Farmer's Market.  We love to go there when we are in the area.

We browsed the entire market and bought some of the strawberries, peaches, lettuce, and beets with beet greens.   YUMMMMM!!

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