Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Jul 25 - Today, Wednesday, we drove from Williams up to the Grand Canyon National Park.  We had been here before in 1999 but since we were so nearby, we didn't want to let this chance to see it again pass us by.

Our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon!!  Mather Point.  Awesome!!!

Other spectacular views of the Grand Canyon.  My pictures just do not show the Canyon in all it's  glory!!  But we tried!!

Ken and I were trying to be "artsy" using this dying tree.  Whoever created the best picture, it would be posted in the Blog!  Ken won!!

Here we are!!  In the middle of the Grand Canyon!!

We spent most of the day at the South Rim, but I had seen on a tour map that there was also an East Rim  not too far away.  We had never been there.  So we drove about 45 miles East on a beautiful road with lots of overlooks.

And an Elk along the way!!

I had seen on one map that this was called the East Rim; however, other maps showed it as the Eastern Entrance at Desert View.

The Desert View Watchtower was originally built in 1932 in collaboration with Hopi artisans of the day.  Ken and I did not climb to the top of the 70-foot tower!!

The view was spectacular here too!!  Actually, there is only one viewpoint at Desert View and we're viewing from it!!

The Colorado River runs through it!!

The Grand Canyon is about 300 miles long.  It is interesting that this appears to be the end (or the beginning) of the massive Grand Canyon!!  Amazing!!

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