Sunday, November 25, 2012


Nov 21- More fun times on the Pickleball courts at TT Palm Springs!!

Starting off with Bill making one of his powerful overheads while playing with Rick!

And the crowd goes wild!!!

Becky and Jim P.

Roy and Dick.

Richard and Linda.

Dennis with Rick

Paul and Dick!

 Oland and Becky.

Linda and Robert.

Oland and Cathy.

Gary and Oland.

Cathy and Dennis.

Becky and Rick.

Rick and John.

 Robert and Dick.

Roy and Ken.

Paul and Bill making a fancy move!

Robert with a great backhand overhead and Ken.

Gary and John.

Linda and Robert.

 Barbara and Ken.

In the middle of the morning, Tom and Becky stopped by to see Barbara and Joe, but they're our friends too!

Gary behind the paddle and Becky.

Jim P. and Linda.

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