Sunday, November 18, 2012


Nov 16 - Upsetting News!  We just discovered that Ken MUST be in Richmond, VA before his birthday (December 14) to renew his Driver's License!!  We were looking for possible air travel and discovered that on certain days SPIRIT Airlines offers fares at $66/pp one way ($132 round trip).  With fares that low, we decided that I should go with him!!  We selected dates that were available at the cheap rate:  Depart LAX Monday, December 03; Return Wednesday, December 12.  I should point out that the cheap seats come with a lot of "additional charges"!  The fare for both of us round trip ended up at almost $500!!!

We are fortunate that Ken's son, Mike and wife Diane, live in Richmond.  They have invited us to stay with them AND the use of their car while we are there.  So we don't have to get a hotel room or rent a car!!

We have rearranged our RV schedule for a few weeks in December.  Our friend Al, Ranger at TT Wilderness Lakes,made reservations for RV storage with electric while we are gone.  Then, instead of driving to Palm Springs when we return, Al changed our reservations for us to just stay at TT Wilderness Lakes until December 07 when we go to TT Palm Springs.


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