Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Nov 11, Veterans' Day - A number of restaurants, etc. around the country express their appreciation to Veterans by offering free menu items to the Veteran.   We discovered that the Palm Springs area does not have a TGI Fridays or a Chili's, so Ken decided he would like to go to Hooters for their wings!  Other friends who are Veterans were going to Applebees and California Pizza Kitchen but Ken stuck with his decision to go to Hooters!

Funny thing.  When we got the location of Hooters we could not find it.  We went into a service station on the corner and asked where is Hooters.  The cashier did not know and asked the young man who followed me in if he could help.  He searched for Hooters on his iPhone.  "Permanently Closed".  So I asked if he could look up California Pizza Kitchen.  He said, "That's where I work!  It's in the next block."  He told us about the Veterans' Day specials and gave us the directions.

We have to say, California Pizza Kitchen was a good choice.

 They had free pizzas and drink for the Veterans.  Ken ordered the three cheese Pizza and I order an appetizer of While Corn Guacamole with tortilla chips.  Everything was delicious!!  Not only that!!

The manager came to our table and shook Ken's hand and offered him a coupon good for another visit to the California Pizza Kitchen!!

Nov 12 - Denny's offered free All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes to the Veterans, so late Monday morning we went to Denny's.

Ken was not in the mood for Pancakes so I ate the flapjacks and Ken ordered Biscuit and Gravy.  UUMMM Good!!

A big Thank You to all the Veterans who served our country, and to their families.  And a big Thank You to the businesses who offered gestures of appreciation!

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