Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Nov 14 -  Quite a few players at TT Palm Springs.

Larry and Bernard.

Don and Jessie.

Barbara and Joe

Rick and Susan.

Larry and Ken

Rick and Pam

We are putting in a third court in the road near the Pickleball courts for use when there is a large number of players waiting.

Nov 16 -  When we rose on Friday morning, Ken said it was raining.  Oh, No. No Pickleball this morning!!  But when I looked out of the door, the sun was shinning!  There had to be a rainbow somewhere!!!  Surely enough.  Here it is!

Nov 17 -  We did play Pickleball yesterday but no pictures.  This is some of the action on Saturday.

Gary and Paul.

Jessie and a player I have not met yet.

Linda and Larry

I missed the action for this group.  Here are Larry, Linda, Trish and Jim P.

Two new players I have not met yet.

Trish and Paul

Unknown player and Linda

John and Unknown Player

Unknown player and Jessie

Jim P. and Ken

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