Sunday, November 18, 2012


Nov 13 -  Back in October, I reported that we had discovered the great find of Mary Pickford Theater in Cathedral City where we could enjoy first-run movies for only $5.50 with FREE popcorn (with our Super Senior Card)!!  A group of us went on Tuesday to see the new James Bond movie, SKYFALL!!

Skyfall was a good and exciting movie, but I, personally, thought it had too much action, not enough sophistication, not enough sex, and not enough of the well-known James Bond theme music!!

After the movie, we all went to El Portal Mexican Restaurant on Date Palm for the $1 Tacos.  Some of the group ordered other Mexican dishes and margaritas!  It was lots of fun having the group there.

Pat and Bill.

Richard and Becky.

Joe and Barbara and Margarita!!

Pam and Walt.

And, Ken and Faye.

Nov 15 -  A few days later, the group decided to go to the Thursday Night Street Fair in Palm Springs.  But, first, they wanted to stop by Sherman's Deli, only a block from the Street Fair.  Some had been there before and raved about their Deli sandwiches!!  We joined them at the Deli but skipped the Street Fair.

Have you ever seen such a Reuben Sandwich in your life!!  Only in New York!!  But I think this was Chicago based because they had Chicago Knockwurst and Chicago Hot Dogs!

Ken and I each ordered a Reuben; eat half and doggie bagged the other half.  After having the half sandwich a couple of days later, we absolutely could not eat dinner!!  We will definitely have to return to Sherman's!!

Side Bar:  While at Sherman's, we all planned Happy Hour on Friday and Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day!!!

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