Sunday, November 18, 2012


Nov. 16 - Friday, Barbara and Joe planned a Happy Hour at their place.

Our Hostess, Barbara

And our Host Joe

Even though it was Barbara who planned the Happy Hour gathering, I asked her if I could provide the Theme!!  "The Day Of The Wine"!!!   Last year when I first heard of The Day Of The Wine, Ken and I hosted a Wine and Cheese Happy Hour and I introduced the Beaujolais Nouveau wine, released only at midnight on the third Thursday in November from the Beaujolais Winery in France.  Due to the firmentation process, Nouveau is best if drunk within six months.  No aging.  Thus Nouveaut makes a great wine for Thanksgiving!

Although Beaujolais Nouveau wine is classic, I discovered that all Nouveau wine does not come from France!!   I went to Trader Joe's and bought four bottles of Charles Shaw "Two Buck Chuck" Nouveau wine to share at the Happy Hour!

Before serving the wine, I explained the Nouveau story to the group.  Bill is facinated with my disertation!!  HA HA!!

A fun evening of wines, drinks, and snacks was had by all!!

These are the guys!!  A serious bunch this evening!!  Richard, Bill, Rick, Ken, Joe and Walt.

And here are the girls!!!  Sexy group!!  Barbara, Becky, Pam, Cheryl, Faye, and Pat.

Thanks, so much Barbara and Joe for getting us together!!

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