Friday, November 30, 2012


Nov 27 -  We moved over to ROD Desert Pools up in Desert Hot Springs on Friday after Thanksgiving.  But, we joined Barbara and Joe, and Clint and Carol at Mary Pickford Theater to see Life of Pi.  The movie was good, visually spectacular, but there was so much hype before the movie was released that I was a bit disappointed.

Farewell -

After the movie we all dashed over to the Elephant Bar where the group was gathering to bid Farewell to Cheryl and Rick who are leaving to go back to Florida!  Have a good trip, guys.  We will miss you.

Hale -

Little did I know that Connie and Matt were back at TT Palm Springs.  Great to see them again!

We were surprised to see Clint and Carol with Barbara and Joe when we were at the movies.  Obviously, they are back in town too!!

Bill and Pat were the ones who instigated the get together at the Elephant Bar.

Barbara and Joe ready to order.

And Ken and Faye glad to be with the group again!

A grand old time was had by all!!!

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