Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dec 10 - I was hoping to see all of my brothers and sisters while we were back in Richmond.  Believe it or not, it actually happened!!  My sister Jean took the day off on Monday and arranged for my brothers and other sister to come to her home for a family gathering!!  I immediately volunteered that Ken would make his Bar-B-Q for the party!!  Everyone brought a side dish.  It was a big success!!

My brothers, Nelson and Chip (hidden) helping themselves to the buffet.

The family gathers around the dining table:  (Clockwise around the table from the front:  My niece Debbie, Ken, Faye, my sister Beryle, Debbie's husband Jeff, my sister Jean who arranged the party, my brother Nelson, my brother Chip, and Jean's husband Bob.)

They had a birthday cake to celebrate Ken's 80th Birthday!!  Happy Birthday To You, Ken!!

Here are the girls:  Seated:  Faye and sister Beryle.  Standing:  My cousin Ann who stopped by for the occasion, niece Debbie (Beryle's daughter), and sister Jean.

And here are the guys!!  Debbie's husband Jeff, brother Nelson, brother Chip, Jean's husband Bob, and Ken.

Jean had hung items that looked like crystal ornaments on the tree.  They were actually gifts for all of us -- small pocketbook size magnifying glasses!  I am retrieving my gift from the tree.

What a great time we had being together!!  And everything was delicious!!  Thank you Jean!!  Thank you everybody!  Love you all!!

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