Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dec 06 -  We had set aside Thursday during the day to visit a couple of our doctors.  Our first stop was to see Ken's Podiatrist, to have his toe nails filed.  They feel a lot better now.

Dr. Duke's office is located at Stuart Circle on Monument Avenue in Richmond.  This monument of Robert E. Lee is one of six monuments on the avenue, four of which are of Confederate heroes!

Between doctors, we drove by Union Theological Seminary where Ken was the Grounds Manager.

His favorite groundsman, Mike, was having lunch and came out to talk with us!!  Mike is so funny with all the stories he tells.  Ken said he laughed so much he had tears in his eyes!  We are always amazed how much Mike remembers about our families, and he tells tales about my son Barry who worked at the Seminary for a season.  And tales about Ken's sons Mike and Richard.  And remembers all the kids' birthdays and relates them to his kids birthdays!  Amazing!  Great to see you, Mike!!

I guess most of you are aware that I developed Acathamoeba Keratitis in my right eye in 2006.  After a couple of months, I was referred to Dr. Joe Iuorno,  who had just opened West End Ophthalmology.  Dr. Iuorno immediately diagnosed my problem and has been treating me since that time.  While we were in Richmond, I simply had to set up an appointment to see Dr. Iuorno. 

My right eye remains stable, but I have a cataract in my left eye which will soon require surgery.  In the meantime, Dr. Iuorno prescribed new glasses which we ordered in Richmond and will be shipped to California!!

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